January 15, 2014

A Gift of Skating

At this time of year, so many Ottawa natives and tourists alike share the enjoyment of skating on the world’s longest skating rink.  It’s a simple, inexpensive pleasure and almost anyone can participate.

But for most of the men staying at The Ottawa Mission, not having skates puts this activity out of reach.

Bert is staying at The Mission as he begins his journey toward recovery from addiction.   He was visiting with our Chaplain, Tom Donohue a few days ago and they got to talking about the fact that the canal was about to open for the season.   Bert shared that as a child he would often skate on a pond near his home – it was one of his favourite pastimes.

Chaplain Tom took this information to heart and, after a couple of phone calls, secured a few pairs of gently used skates in various sizes.  Bert stopped by Tom’s office a few days later for another chat and Tom was able to present him with his own pair of skates.  Bert was surprised and delighted by this unexpected gift, and has been enjoying his skates ever since.

Sometimes, the simplest gesture can make all the difference.

If you have a pair of gently used men’s skates to donate, you can do so by dropping them off at the shelter (53 Daly Street) or by calling us at 613-234-1144 to arrange for pick-up.