March 06, 2014

A Family Legacy of Hope

Everyone that comes into The Ottawa Mission looking for help has their own reason for doing so. What’s interesting is that the same can be said for everyone who donates to The Ottawa Mission as well.
Sylvie and Frederick Lecky, along with their daughter, son and their spouses, have traditionally pooled their resources and given one gift each year to The Ottawa Mission. They recently decided to switch to a monthly gift. Here’s why.

Last year, with their lives getting busier and busier – especially with two grandchildren on the way – their annual gift was almost forgotten, and the family decided that they didn’t want to leave it to chance anymore. That’s when they became monthly donors – Champions of Hope. They like the convenience of giving this way, and know it reduces our mailing costs – but they also appreciate that supporting us on a monthly basis makes much more sense, since The Mission’s vital programs and services need to be available to people who are hungry and hurting 365 days a year.

When Sylvie mentioned to her father, Léo Pelletier, that we would be telling the family’s story, she was amazed to learn that he has been supporting The Mission as well – for more than 50 years! And he also shared that during the depression his father – Sylvie’s grandfather – would stop by The Mission each year at Christmas with a $1.00 donation. That was a lot of money in those days!

It’s clear that generosity – and commitment to The Ottawa Mission – runs deep in his wonderful family. We are so thankful to them for choosing to make a difference, and for helping us change lives for the better – every day, all year round.

For more information on becoming a Champion of Hope, please contact Angie Kelly at 613-234-1155, ext. 426,