Provide a lifeline with a corporate gift!

A corporate donation to The Ottawa Mission is an investment in the health of our community and in the lives of people in need.  We value our corporate partners and will work with you to direct your gift towards an area of need that aligns with your corporate values or mandate.

Can’t decide how much of a life-changing gift to give?

  • A donation of $4,552.64 will provide meals for a whole day at The Mission (we average 1,312 meals per day at a cost of $3.47 each).
  • Do you have a client base you want to honour with a gift? Apply that same $3.47 per client and find your gift amount.  We would be happy to provide acknowledgement tools so you can share your gift with your customers.
  • You could ask your own customers to give and match their support.
  • One of the best ways to support The Mission is by becoming a Champions of Hope monthly supporter. Make a long term, lasting impact on those most vulnerable in our community.  Click here and change lives all year long!

You can donate online, or by calling (613) 234-1155.

You can also donate by mail to:

The Ottawa Mission Foundation
P.O Box 7068, Stn.Vanier
Vanier, ON K1L 8E2