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Dr. Michèle Corriveau feels blessed to work for an organization that encourages community involvement. She is a chiropractor and works at the Byward Chiropractic Clinic, a sister organization to the Glebe Chiropractic Clinic. Both organizations give back to the community in a number of ways. In Michele’s case, her flexible work hours have allowed her to volunteer at our shelter every two weeks – as she has been doing for over a year now – offering chiropractic services to those staying at The Mission.

Michèle learned about The Mission through some of her patients who happen to work here. When she found out about our on-site medical clinic, she immediately thought that her services would be a perfect complement, so she sent in a proposal and we are grateful she did.

Michèle has real empathy for the particular issues faced by people living in shelters or on the street. Wearing improper footwear, carrying heavy backpacks, sleeping on thin mattresses or mats – all these can contribute to serious pain and mobility issues that can impact a person’s ability to seek employment or live independently. Michèle says the clients she serves are incredibly grateful to her, as well as being polite, kind, and willing to work with her on their treatment. We, in turn, cannot thank Michèle enough for the gift of her time, and for the caring and compassion she brings to her volunteer work.