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Serving over 1250 meals a day, all year long would present a challenge to any restaurant kitchen.  And yet, this is what The Ottawa Mission does every day to meet the needs of people in our community who are hungry and need help.

Serving the same number of meals while your kitchen is being gutted and rebuilt is a whole other story.  And yet, this is what The Mission is facing for the month of August.  And this is where the ultimate food truck comes into play.

While the planned renovation takes place, The Mission has brought in a 44-foot mobile kitchen that is now located outside the shelter on Daly Avenue. Food will be cooked in the truck and then carried into the building’s dining room.

Chef Ric Watson knows that this means a lot of extra work, but he’s not worried.  “The staff is ready, and the amazing volunteers that help us every day will be out in full force.  We will make sure that the people we serve – the ones who really need our support – are well taken care of.”

And so, the 1250 meals will continue to be served – every day, all year long − because even in the summer, hunger doesn’t take a holiday.