After spending 34 years as an executive in the telecom industry, Tom Donohue decided that something was missing in his life – he felt a strong need to give back to his community and joined The Ottawa Mission as its full-time Chaplain in 2009. As Tom puts it, “I wanted to start feeding my soul instead of my wallet”. Every day Tom presides at a chapel service that is open to anyone. It is usually filled to capacity, and the singing can be heard throughout the building. The chapel has been the site of funerals, baptisms and even weddings over the years, and even if someone isn’t religious by nature, he knows that many find a sense of peace there that they cannot find anywhere else. Beyond his chapel duties, there is nothing typical about Tom’s day. His office, located just inside the front door of The Mission’s Waller Street entrance, is a place where people come for comfort and guidance, or just to be listened to – and there is often a line-up. Tom also spends some time at the Hospice, offering comfort and prayer when it is needed most. Tom has a booming laugh, a heart of gold, a love of motorcycles and vintage model cars, and a deep understanding of the people he serves. He believes that “there but for the grace of God go you and I” when it comes to people who are homeless – because he lives it every day.