Filomeno Feels At Home

Filomeno2-300x237Filomeno arrived in Canada as a refugee from Angola in April 2014. After several months he still lacked the proper paperwork to enable him to seek employment, and his housing arrangements fell through.

This young man had always worked hard, and he was heartbroken at the thought of being homeless. Someone suggested that he seek shelter at The Ottawa Mission, and Filomeno has not looked back! While staying at the shelter for a few months, Filomeno connected with our Client Services Centre where staff helped him develop a plan for his future. His goals were clear from the start.

He wanted to find a job, and he wanted to find a way to give back to his new community. As a first step, Filomeno looked for a way to improve his English skills. We helped him to enrol in a five month course called “ESL for the Trades” and he passed with flying colours! He also joined our French Club to improve his communication skills. Finally, our staff worked with Filomeno to develop his resume, and helped him to obtain his work permit.

Today, Filomeno has achieved many of his goals. He is working as a custodian, he volunteers in the community and he has his own home! What’s more, he was married last year and he and his wife are expecting their first child! Filomeno can’t say enough about the help he has received at The Mission. In his own words, “I am thankful for all the support – you just feel as though everybody cares about you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”