The issues surrounding homelessness in our city and the resources to deal with it go far beyond The Ottawa Mission.

For anyone who would like to explore the problem further, we have compiled some information about The Ottawa Mission as well as links to other agencies.

Alliance to End Homelessness 2013 Report Card

The Alliance to End Homelessness (ATEH) in Ottawa is a non-profit, non-partisan organization generating ideas and solutions to help individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Homeless Hub Ottawa

Building on the success of the Canadian Conference on Homelessness (2005), the Homeless Hub was created to address the need for a single place to find homelessness information from across Canada.  The Homeless Hub has emerged as a place where community services providers, researchers, government representatives, and the general public can access and share research, stories and best practices.

Housing Statistics

Homeless shelters were developed as a temporary emergency service, not a long term solution. But people are now staying in shelters for longer periods because they have no other choice – many suffer from mental illness, addiction, poor health or lack of life skills to live on their own. As well, safe, affordable housing is scarce in Ottawa as well as most other major cities in North America.
In 2013, a single person on Ontario Works received $626 a month.

This is the CMHC’s Rental Market Report from the Spring 2013.

CMHC 2013 Rental report