Picture3Rene has been a very self-sufficient man through the years and has done everything from working on oil rigs in the West to spending weeks on a fishing boat in the East. He was always up for an adventure and remembers a carefree youth growing up in Montreal and travelling across the country on a motorcycle with his twin brother. Unfortunately Rene’s brother died a few years ago and what family he has left live in BC.

These days Rene is alone and afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, cataracts and other illnesses. With limited mobility and sight, he is no longer self-sufficient and needs care for his deteriorating health.

Thankfully for Rene, and so many other men and women in similar circumstances, he has been able to turn to The Ottawa Mission’s Diane Morrison Hospice for support. The 21 bed facility represents a partnership between The Mission and Ottawa Inner City Health and offers 24 hour care to chronically and terminally ill patients who have nowhere else to go. Rene says his life is calmer since arriving at our Hospice 8 months ago and he is grateful to have his own room. He’s now awaiting cataract surgery and hopes once that happens he’ll once again be able to read, something he’s missed doing.

Thanks to your support for our Hospice, Rene knows he has a special place to call home where he’s treated with compassion and dignity.