Addiction & Trauma Services


The road to recovery for people who are homeless and dealing with addiction often starts at The Ottawa Mission. Our Addiction Services team is here to offer support to people at any stage in their journey. Some are thinking about making change and are gathering information about what treatment may involve.

Others have had some time in recovery but have relapsed and need support to get back on track, while some have maintained their goals of abstinence and continue to access services as an integral part of their recovery program.

For men contemplating getting help for their addiction, The Mission offers a daily morning drop-in group called the Day Program. It is open to anyone in the community dealing with a drug or alcohol problem. Those who attend the Day Program consistently can access the HOPE porgram, where they can start to make changes in their substance use without committing to abstaining completely. From there, those who are ready to abstain and consider treatment options can move to our 13-bed Stabilization program. One of the treatment options they can look at is The Ottawa Mission’s LifeHouse program.

This five month residential treatment program has 11 beds and offers a safe and secure environment to men working hard to change their lives.