Thanks to our Partnership with Ottawa Inner City Health, The Ottawa Mission Opened its Primary Care and Dental Clinic in April 2007

The Mission Primary Care Clinic was established to provide quick access to primary and mental health care for people who have difficulty accessing regular health care services. It serves adults living in a shelter, on the streets, or in the community provided they meet the acceptance criteria and are referred to the clinic. The aim of the primary clinic is to treat those experiencing homelessness in a timely fashion, reducing medical complications and linking them to health care services on an ongoing basis.

Clinic FAQ

Who is eligible for services?
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Those eligible for services include people without a family doctor that aren’t eligible to receive services at a downtown community health centre. People experiencing difficulties with their mental health and who cannot access other mental health services can be assessed by our psychiatric nurse practitioner through a referral from the The Ottawa Royal’s Outreach Team. The Mission dental clinic only accepts patients living in shelters or living on the street.

Who can make a referral?
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Referrals to our clinic can be made by the following:

  • Shelter workers
  • Staff of day programs serving homeless people
  • Nurses doing outreach
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) outreach workers
  • Rooming house outreach workers
  • Wabano outreach team
  • CHC outreach teams
  • Oasis
  • Centre 507 outreach team
  • Options Bytown
  • Self-referral

Care providers can make referrals online using our CAISIE system—it also tracks if and when a client attends the clinic—or by sending a referral form to the clinic with a client. Doctors and nurses can access client charts using the OSCAR system.

What kind of medical services are provided?
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Primary care patients that require an assessment and treatment of non-life threatening medical problems can be seen at the clinic. Immunizations, injections, blood work, and simple diagnostic procedures are also available when required.

What kind of dental care do you provide?
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Dental care is provided to patients currently in shelters with dental pain, abscesses, simple denture work, preventative dental care, extractions, some restorative work, and fillings. An oral surgeon attends the clinic periodically to oversee services. Patients with an oral infection should be referred to the primary care nurse practitioner for treatment prior to their dental appointment.

Who is staffing the clinic?
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The Primary Care clinic is staffed seven days a week by a primary care nurse practitioner. The clinic is only open from 8:00 am to noon on Saturdays and Sundays. A physician is always on call to advise the nurse when needed; and a doctor is available once a week. A psychiatric nurse is also available once a month to provide mental health services, with backup from a psychiatrist. Dental staff that volunteer at the clinic are available Monday to Friday.

What is the duration of service?
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Once a patient’s health problem has been resolved, or if the patient is referred elsewhere, they will be discharged. There are only 20 appointments available per day for primary care, and eight appointments available per day for mental health services. Due to the limited number of referrals we can accept, it is important to ensure the clinic is available for people who cannot access care elsewhere.

Do patients need ID?
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Patients require a current Ontario health card to access services at the Mission Primary clinic.