Why I turned to The Mission for help: David


I was raised by a single mother; she passed away when I was 12. I didn’t have any other family, so I went into youth homes for a while. I was on my own from about age 15. I grew up pretty quick, and alcohol was just part of my life.

I first came to The Mission before the pandemic. I had gone through a breakup and had no place to live. I heard that The Mission had some of the most compassionate staff in the city, so I came here. Things were going well for a while, but I ended up leaving Ottawa during lockdown. I went back to drinking and self-isolation. It was a rough time physically and mentally.

I didn’t know if The Mission would take me back, but I reached out and they said I was welcome to try again. I completed a month in Stabilization, which helped me to become sober.

Now I’m at LifeHouse. I have a one-on-one counsellor there, and the staff are genuine in their desire to help. It’s a quiet neighbourhood and I have my own room. The whole program is very conducive to recovery. I’m so grateful to have another chance at treatment. The people here are nothing but supportive and helpful. Thank you!

– David