Assistant Kitchen Manager

The Ottawa Mission kitchen is a very busy place, serving an average of 1300 meals a day! Kristyn Berquist has been part of Mission’s kitchen team for 9 years, the last four as Assistant Kitchen Manager.

Every day, starting at 5:00 a.m., Kristyn is in the kitchen helping to coordinate and cook the meals and direct the many volunteers who are a big part of the kitchen workforce every day. She’s also involved in the menu planning process and works to ensure nutritious meals are prepared and served to people in need.

Since 2011 Kristyn has also been a member of the Ottawa branch of the Canadian Culinary Federation. In 2013, she studied for and proudly obtained her Red Seal Certification in the cooking trade. In February 2014 she became CCFCC Junior President and was awarded the Junior Chef of the Year! As Junior President, Kristyn prepares the food served at the monthly Chefs’ meetings, creating menus and orchestrating the service.

She involves the men and women in The Mission’s Food Services Training Program in this process and helps to expose them to new culinary experiences. She is also working with other junior members of the CCFCC across Canada to help implement services that teach healthy eating habits and get food to those in need. Kristyn would like to strengthen this initiative by hopefully joining other associations that have similar goals. With her experience and credentials, Kristyn could be working in one of Ottawa’s top restaurants.

But she says The Mission is where she wants to be. “Its’ at The Mission that I’m able to fulfill all of my passions in life,” says Kristyn. “The culinary arts, helping those less fortunate and providing training to individuals who want to change their lives.”