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It’s been over a year since The Ottawa Mission moved its LifeHouse residential addiction treatment facility to an upgraded and expanded off-site location – all thanks to the generous support of you, our donors.

The Mission has operated a residential addiction treatment program since the 1980s. These days, the program consists of 5 months of intense one-on-one and group counselling. In recent years, we have begun to place more emphasis on the root causes of addiction — which almost always involve past trauma — and on enhancing services to give people the best chance of success. So we brought on board professionals who are experts in treating trauma, and made the decision to move LifeHouse to an environment that is much more conducive to long-term healing.

Since the move, we have increased our capacity and now have counsellors on-site 24/7 – which is very important for people in crisis. Two new therapy groups have been added to help the men understand the effects of drugs and alcohol and how to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. And our Men & Healing program continues to help survivors of abuse deal with the past trauma in their lives.

All of this has had a strong positive impact on the people we serve. As John says, “The counsellors are very professional and meet all clients’ needs 24 hours a day. I have been in 4 different treatment centres…. I think The Ottawa Mission and the LifeHouse program have figured out a way to fight addiction and homelessness with awesome facilities and staff.” On behalf of John, and all of our LifeHouse clients, thank you for your ongoing support of this and so many other life-changing programs at The Ottawa Mission.