Manager of Volunteer Services

Walk into The Ottawa Mission on any day of the week and you’ll a number of volunteers helping to keep things running smoothly.

The Mission couldn’t help as many people as it does without the support of these special people. Meghan Adams has been the Manager of Volunteer Services for more than 5 years.  It’s a job that requires a lot of attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills. “Volunteers play an integral role here and an average of 250 volunteers are coming into The Mission every month,” says Meghan.

“They are working in the Mission kitchen where they help to prepare an average of 1200 meals every day. They tutor adult students in the Stepping Stones Learning Centre. They sort through donations from the community and organize the large clothing room.

They help with evening activities like Bingo and movie night to help people at the shelter take their mind off their problems for just a couple of hours.” Meghan says she enjoys her role because she is inspired by how dedicated the volunteers are, despite having many other commitments in their lives. It encourages her keep up her own volunteering commitments as well! The Mission’s volunteers are special because so many of them are willing to step up when assistance is required, and help in whatever way they can, whatever the task may be.

Want to get involved?  Learn more about volunteering at The Ottawa Mission here.