“May the Lord turn His face towards you and give you peace.
Numbers 6:26

Dear Friend,

We have been blessed by your gift to The Ottawa Mission. Your kindness means so much to those who walk through our doors every day. Thanks to you, Chris has been given a chance to change his life for the better.

For several years, Chris’s life was in turmoil. He had an addiction, and fell into trouble with the law. His wakeup call came when his young son approached him one day and said, “Please stop what you’re doing. I need my Dad in my life.” Chris conquered his addiction, and after spending time on social assistance, a counsellor told him about The Mission’s Food Services Training Program. Chris had always enjoyed cooking and so he applied to the program and was accepted.

Chris is about to graduate from the five month program, and is already working full time. “I am so grateful to my son for being such an inspiration to me, and to The Mission for the training and encouragement they have provided. I have a career now, and I have hope for the future.”

We are very grateful to you for allowing us to help Chris and so many others like him who need a second chance.

With sincere appreciation,

Sean Wong Executive Director The Ottawa Mission Foundation