“You listen to the longings of those who suffer. You offer them hope, and you pay attention to their cries for help.
Psalms 10:17

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your gift to The Ottawa Mission. Each and every day, people come through our door in search of help and hope. William is just one example.

Over the past year, William’s life has been transformed in so many ways. Last year, he was homeless on and off and unemployed. He attended a graduation ceremony for our Food Services Training Program (FSTP) to support a friend who was part of the class, and was inspired to look into the program.

Late last year William graduated from the FSTP with top marks, and he is now working full time. And with the help of staff at our Stepping Stones Learning Centre, he is also busy accumulating credits to earn his high school diploma.

William’s heart is filled with gratitude for the way his life has changed, and he extends that gratitude to all who support The Mission.

Thank you for helping give William, and so many others, a chance at a better life.

With sincere appreciation,

With sincere appreciation,

Sean Wong Executive Director The Ottawa Mission Foundation