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Jason was in an accident several years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury that severely impacted his mental and physical health. He was drifting, troubled and looking for a better life when a simple act of kindness changed everything. A cab driver saw him sitting by the roadside at 4 a.m. and brought him to The Ottawa Mission. We welcomed him and offered him food and shelter for as long as he needed it. So much has happened since then.

As with many people who come to The Mission, it took Jason a while to open up and trust people, and to look around him to see what kind of help was available. He began attending our Day Program – a daily group counselling session held at the shelter, and he still attends from time to time. He also visits our medical clinic on a regular basis to get the care and medication he requires. And, he worked with our housing support staff to find a place of his own where he is still living.

But, beyond this, Jason became an eager student at our Stepping Stones Learning Centre. With the support and guidance of our full-time teacher, he worked hard and persevered over several years, and recently received his certificate in Medical Transcription from Algonquin College. What a proud moment!

Jason’s next order of business is to find a job, and he is working with a local agency that helps people with disabilities find the right fit. In the meantime, he is volunteering in the community to build up his resume. Jason is so thankful to The Mission for the tremendous encouragement they have given him during his journey. And, as Jason says, “I look forward to someday helping others the way I have been helped at The Mission.”