The door is always open to the Chaplain’s office at The Ottawa Mission. Some people drop in daily to see a friendly face and others come in looking for guidance in a time of crisis. As well, an average of 35 people attend the small Chapel Service held daily at The Mission.

Many of the people who turn to The Ottawa Mission for help have experienced rejection, major disappointments, or have survived a personal tragedy. The Mission provides much-needed spiritual support to help these people along their life journey. The Chaplain leads daily chapel services and provides personal support to people in the shelter and others living in the community who seek help in coping with the stresses and pressures of everyday life. The Chaplaincy team also provides spiritual guidance to people dealing with addictions and to those living out their final days in The Ottawa Mission’s Hospice.

The success of our programs is reflected in the success of those we serve. Just ask Paul.

When Paul arrived at The Ottawa Mission he was homeless and suffering from mental and physical issues. At first he spoke to no one, and refused the offer of a bed. Instead he slept in a chair in the lobby. Eventually, Paul began to talk to our chaplain and one of our case managers, and with their help he began to feel comfortable sleeping in a bed at night. They also encouraged him to seek medical help.

Paul has since gained strength and confidence, and he is now living in his own apartment. Paul still visits us almost every day to attend chapel service where he raises his voice in joyful song.

January 2017 Prayer Calendar

We at The Ottawa Mission would like to offer a prayer of gratitude for all of you who keep our staff, volunteers and residents in your prayers for our work and ministry. As we look ahead to both the opportunities and challenges of 2017, we would invite you to continue to pray for the following:

Please be in prayer for the following:

1. Pray for our residents and others in the community who find the winter months particularly challenging on all levels. May they find both physical as well as emotional warmth through the services offered to them at The Ottawa Mission.

2.  Pray for all of those who work so hard day-to-day behind the scenes and out of the limelight to provide essential services and programs to people in need at The Ottawa Mission.

3.  Pray for the leadership team of The Ottawa Mission who continue to look ahead into the future with a sense of vision and strategic planning to address the issues of homelessness and services for people struggling in our community.

4.  Pray for all the agencies and faith communities in the National Capital Region who join with The Ottawa Mission every day of the year in addressing the needs of the homeless and those living in poverty within our community.