Finding safe, affordable housing is one of the biggest challenges people staying at The Ottawa Mission face. In 2015, we helped 185 people find a place to call home.

Finding a place to stay beyond the shelter

Men can stay at The Ottawa Mission’s shelter as long as they need to – but our goal is to help them find housing and jobs and return to independent living as quickly as possible. Our housing support staff works with residents to find safe, affordable housing by researching what is available throughout the community and finding the best fit. If subsidized housing is required, we assist with all of the necessary paperwork. We also often help clients move into their new home, including gathering necessary items like beds, sheets, small pieces of furniture and dishes.

Holland Properties Association

In 2009, The Ottawa Mission helped create a new non-profit housing agency called Holland Properties Association (HPA), which is committed to providing safe, affordable housing for its tenants. HPA purchased a 36-unit apartment building in the community with the goal of having a mixed housing model, combining market rental apartment units with subsidized units available to individuals that have completed programs at The Ottawa Mission. At the end of 2015, there were 12 people living in the apartment building who had completed programs at The Mission and now have a place to call home.

The success of our programs is reflected in the success of those we serve. Just ask Peter.

Peter was homeless and disconnected from his family when he arrived at The Mission two years ago. During his time here, he received medical attention and counselling, and he continues to take high school classes at the Stepping Stones Learning Centre. We were able to help Peter find safe, affordable housing, and he has been living on his own for over a year. He recently reconnected with his family and they are amazed at how he has turned his life around.