In 2016, 156 people completed the Stabilization program, and 25 graduated from LifeHouse.

For many people, drug and alcohol addiction has led to the loss of their homes, and they have turned to The Ottawa Mission for help. The Mission, which is part of CRA Registered Charities, is able to meet men wherever they are in their journey – some are just thinking about starting recovery and others are weeks in and need support. There are daily drop in groups, a Stabilization wing of the shelter and a five-month addiction treatment program, as well as ongoing aftercare support to help recovering addicts take the first step back towards independent living.

Battling addiction
one day at a time

Our Day Program is a drop-in group offered to men with addictions who are looking for education and daily support and may be contemplating treatment.

The Day Program runs every weekday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and is open to men in the shelter or the general community dealing with an alcohol or drug problem. While there is no intake or assessment process, participants must be clean and sober when they attend. If men are attending the Day Program regularly, and need a place to live, they are eligible to stay in a wing of the shelter called the Hope Program.

Stability and support

For those looking to make a longer-term commitment to sobriety, we have our Stabilization Program.

This program is for men who are homeless, or at risk of being homeless, who have an addiction and want to maintain abstinence, stabilize their lives, and develop a healthier lifestyle. There are few shelters for men which offer the extent of our programs. With the help of an Addictions Counsellor, clients are supported to develop an individual treatment plan that will help them reach their long-term goals. This is a 30 day program, with the potential of an extension to bridge the wait time for a continued residential treatment program. To enter Stabilization, participants must be clean and sober for 24 hours.

Five months of intensive rehabilitation

We also run a unique, intensive, five-month addiction treatment program called LifeHouse.

In this program, 13 men live in an off-site house that offers a safe and secure environment to address issues such as trauma and abuse histories, mental health issues, and anger, and work to overcome addictions. By helping men address their addictions and related issues, we help them restore their confidence and move towards a self-sufficient life.

Ongoing support

As studies have shown that the longer an individual remains in treatment, the greater the likelihood that they will be able to achieve long term sobriety and stability, Ottawa Mission Aftercare programs play a key role in the success of LifeHouse graduates.

For men who complete the five-month program, we offer ongoing individual and group counselling and continuing education programs for up to 12 months.

The next step towards independent living

Another key to successful addiction recovery is a positive living environment once treatment is completed. That’s why The Ottawa Mission now operates two Second Stage homes in the community that can accommodate a total of 12 men who have completed an addiction treatment program.

While living in our Second Stage homes for up to one year, residents support each other and continue to work with counsellors from The Mission as they take the next step towards independent living.

The success of our programs is reflected in the success of those we serve. Just ask Curtis.

Curtis found himself at The Mission because he simply had nowhere else to turn. He had no money, no home, was separated from his family, and was struggling with addiction. He knew little about the programs here, but when he found out about the support that was available, he was willing to make whatever commitment was necessary to change his life.

Late last year, Curtis completed our 5-month residential addiction treatment program and he is now reunited with his family and attending trade school. Curtis is so thankful that he was able, through treatment, to gain the tools he needs to succeed.

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