johnJohn will be in his own home for Christmas, and he couldn’t be happier.

John has been coming to The Ottawa Mission for meals for more than 15 years.  He lives with a learning disability and he doesn’t have a lot of employment options. Although he regularly volunteers, he has a very limited income and often has no money for food after paying rent.  That’s why he’s been coming to us – for lunch every day and for all of our special holiday dinners – for so many years. John is a bright light at The Mission and has many friends among the staff and clients here.

John was recently faced with a rent increase that he simply could not afford and suddenly lost his apartment. He was desperate for help and, because he had nowhere else to turn, he came to us.

We were able to provide him with a room right away and connect him with our Housing Support staff who got to work to find him safe and affordable housing.

John was able to move out of The Mission in mid-November, after staying with us for about five months. But we certainly haven’t seen the last of him, because he still comes for lunch and is looking forward to enjoying his Christmas dinner among his friends at the shelter.

John is so grateful for the support he has received from us over the years and – in particular – in his time of special need. And it’s all because of the kindness of people like you.

Merry Christmas, John!