From July to December, The Ottawa Mission Foundation is conducting door to door campaigns to gain new monthly supporters for the life-changing programs at the Ottawa Mission.

Face to Face canvassing, whether it is on the street, in shopping malls,  business to business or door-to-door, is a cost-effective way for The Ottawa Mission Foundation to reach a demographic we have not reached through other campaigns. Face-to-face canvassers are able to have personal conversations about our programs and about the benefits of monthly giving with thousands of people in the National Capital Region.

How Do I Know if a Fundraiser is Legitimate?

The Ottawa Mission Foundation fundraisers wear a prominently displayed name tag and have a good knowledge about The Ottawa Mission programs. Fundraisers wear a vest identified with The Ottawa Mission logo and will also carry material on our programs. Canvassers carry electronic tablets to collect information electronically.

Our canvassers are committed to recruiting supporters who wish to support The Ottawa Mission through a monthly donation. Canvassers are not allowed to accept bills or coins.

For questions or concerns please contact:

The Ottawa Mission Foundation
Ph: 613-234-1155