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About 50 people gathered in a special room at the University of Ottawa last week to celebrate the end of three special Fall university classes. The Ottawa Mission has been a partner in a very special program called Discovery University for several years. DU allows people who are homeless or living on low incomes the opportunity to participate in non-credit, university-level Humanities and Social Sciences courses at no cost. This program is offered in partnership with the University of Ottawa, St. Paul University, and First Baptist Church, and is supported by generous donations from the community.

This past Fall, men and women from the community applied to take part in three courses, including Wisdom of the Ancients – For Today taught by Matthew McLennan, Digital Photography and Social Media taught by Rosalie Favell, and Introduction to Psychology, an online course taught by Bruce Tsuji. All three courses were huge hits and judging from the testimonials heard on graduation day last week – both students and professors had a great experience exploring these subjects.

Applications are now being accepted for the three new courses starting in January. The courses are titled John Stuart Mill’s “Utilitarianism”; “Social Movements” and “Introduction to Jazz History”. All the classes are taught at the University of Ottawa campus by the participating university professors, and all textbooks and course materials are also provided at no cost to the men and women who participate.