From its inception in 1906, The Ottawa Mission has been propelled by Christian spirit. It was founded by a group of Christian leaders in the community who wanted to reflect Jesus’ love in serving the homeless and the hungry and we continue to foster that spirit today.

The door is always open to the office of our Chaplain, Cosmas Ajawara, and some people drop in almost daily to see a friendly face. Others come in looking for guidance in a time of crisis. “Many of the people who turn to The Ottawa Mission for help have experienced personal tragedy or major life disappointments,” says Chaplain Ajawara.

“My role is to provide much-needed spiritual support to help them along their life journey.” Along with one-on-one counselling, Chaplain Ajawara also leads daily chapel services at The Mission, provides support to men in addiction treatment and connects with those living out their final days in The Ottawa Mission’s Hospice.

“My ministry at The Mission is in response to Jesus’ call to brotherly and sisterly love (Matthew 25:34-40) and reminds me daily of the inherent beauty in every person even in the midst of brokeness.”