Client Services Centre

The Ottawa Mission’s Client Services Centre is a place where men and women experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness can access the services and support necessary to transform their lives. Our dedicated Client Services team works to move people forward in their lives, and helps them overcome hurdles that may be keeping them from having a place of their own. We are a one-of-a-kind centre offering a range of services to help people who come from all walks of life.

Housing Diversion and Intake

Men who come to The Ottawa Mission looking for shelter will meet one on one with one of our Case Managers for Housing Diversion. The goal is to assess each individual’s needs and provide them with assistance to find appropriate, affordable, and safe housing. This includes help filling out social housing applications, acquiring furniture, moving into a new home, and getting connected with other community resources. If an individual is dealing with addiction or mental health issues, referrals to other programs at The Mission or in the community can be made.

Personalized Case Management

Our Case Managers help their clients set and accomplish a variety of personal goals. For some people with mental health issues, getting connected with resources can be difficult. Helping them learn how to take care of themselves can help them gain greater independence. Other people need help to address issues like addiction, unemployment, or lack of supportive housing. Goals are self-directed by the client and can vary, from finding a job, improving their education, managing an addiction, or re-integrating into the community.

Mental Health Services

The Ottawa Mission has partnerships in place with the Canadian Mental Health Agency as well as the Royal Ottawa Hospital to link shelter residents with available resources in the community that offer mental health outreach, assessment, counselling, and psychiatric support.

Education Services

Men and women who would like to upgrade their education can find support through our Education Support Worker or our Stepping Stones Learning Centre.  Help is available to assist people in their educational goals and identify available resources—either in the community or at our Stepping Stones Learning Centre—to attain those goals. Stepping Stones Learning Centre also has a certified teacher available as a resource to our clients, helping them obtain their high school diploma, learn a trade, or improve their literacy skills.

The Ottawa Mission also partners with the University of Ottawa, St. Paul’s University, and First Baptist Church to offer Discovery University for people who are homeless or living with a low income in the community. Discovery University offers free university-level non-credit courses twice a year for people who wish to improve their knowledge on a variety of topics.

Employment Support

For people seeking employment, The Ottawa Mission has a wide range of supports available. These supports include:

  • Creating and updating resumes
  • Practicing interview techniques
  • Assistance with job searches
  • Referrals to employment agencies or agencies that offer work-related programs

We also offer work-appropriate clothing and shoes, bus fare, and other related supports for job interviews and people starting new employment.

For more information, contact us by…

Phone: 613-234-1144
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