Emilo stands at a kitchen counter top


Emile had his own restaurant when he lived in his native Haiti. When he moved to Canada a few years ago, he was unable to find work in his chosen profession because he lacked the right credentials. He worked at other jobs, as a school crossing guard and in security, but found himself needing social […]

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As I pulled into my parking spot beside The Ottawa Mission a few weeks ago, I was greeted, as I often am, by a few gentlemen out front of the building where we run our LifeHouse residential addiction treatment program. One man named Lou came over to me and gave me a huge smile. “Notice […]

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A Special Bouquet for our Wonderful Volunteers

This week is National Volunteer Week – a time to recognize, celebrate and thank Canada’s 13.3 million volunteers. Here at The Ottawa Mission, we simply could not help as many people in need without the dedicated support of our compassionate army of volunteers. Each week we are able to fill an amazing 250 volunteer shifts […]

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A New Year, a New Life for Gisele

This past year has been rough for Gisele, her husband and their two children as circumstances forced them to turn to social services for help. But she was determined to turn things around and make a brighter future for her family. While speaking with someone at Ontario Works, Gisele learned about an opportunity to get […]

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A local garden that helps feed the hungry

Just off Highway 174 in Orléans, a group of dedicated Ottawa residents have taken a grassy chunk of land and transformed it into a beautiful garden that plays a very important role in our community. The Orléans Community Garden has between 50-60 families growing fresh vegetables within its boundaries. Its ‘mission’, so to speak, is […]

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