Getting ready for the Coldest Night of the Year

Being homeless during the winter months is a tough go. Not only is it more difficult to get around for those looking for housing or jobs, but staying indoors in a shelter with limited public space and cramped bedrooms, only adds to the stress of many people in crisis. As we anxiously await the warmer […]

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David’s New Perspective

David is an articulate and accomplished young man with a very busy life. Along with running his own small business, he has been volunteering at several community agencies for years. He is also a victim of childhood trauma who spent many years trying to cope with bad memories. Sadly, this eventually led him down the […]

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2016 is full of hope for Jason

Jason has made some big changes in his life over the past couple of years and says he’s very much looking forward to continuing his journey  in 2016. Not only has he sought help for his addiction, Jason has also spent a lot of time this past year at The Ottawa Mission’s Stepping Stones Learning […]

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Christmas Cupcakes for Our Special Guests!

This year, for the sixth year in a row, The Ottawa Mission will be serving a special dessert as part of its annual Christmas Dinner on December 20. As is often the case, special things are brought about by special people and, in this case, that special person is Josée Cowley. Josée is the founder […]

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Adam’s Gift to Others this Christmas

 Adam’s early life was filled with hardship and tragedy. Throughout his childhood his parents suffered from addiction and Adam also fell into addiction in his early teens. By the time he was 20 he had lost two siblings to violent death. Adam was living a life filled with anger and mistrust. Adam came to The […]

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