A Summer Bounty of Hope

The Ottawa Mission’s Chef Ric, who directs our food services programs, is often quoted as saying, “A person has to eat well to live well.”  At The Mission, this means preparing and serving the best meals we can to people in need, so that they might have the strength and hope to tackle difficult issues […]

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Albert’s inspiration

When Albert walked inside The Ottawa Mission and read the sign on the wall over the front door – our mission statement – he knew he had come to the right place.  And the progress he has made in the past five months is a testament to not only the support he has received to […]

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Shawn Is Home For The Summer!

Shawn remembers last summer’s heat wave very well.  He was staying at The Ottawa Mission at the time and considered himself lucky to have a place to stay.  But he also remembers the tremendous efforts of staff at The Mission to help everyone they could – handing out thousands of bottles of water, and patrolling […]

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The Power Of Unconditional Acceptance

On March 5, 2019, a memorial service was held for Itee, a resident of The Ottawa Mission’s Hospice. The Hospice is a very special place where homeless men and women receive 24-hour palliative nursing care, and vital emotional and spiritual support, in the final days of their lives – provided with compassion and dignity by […]

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Jaison’s Renewal

In Jaison’s own words, “Growing up was just filled with disappointments. I was in and out of children’s aid, detention centres and jail, all while learning addiction and crime.”  At 44 years old, Jaison has tried addiction treatment no less than 18 times.  He says that the programs at The Ottawa Mission finally made the […]

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