Mental Illness Awareness Week: Why I partner with the Mission

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, The Ottawa Mission brings you stories of our dedicated mental health, trauma and addiction program staff who work tirelessly with clients to help them rebuild their lives. Robyn is a social worker with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) who has worked within The Mission for the past […]

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Jason was in an accident several years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury that severely impacted his mental and physical health. He was drifting, troubled and looking for a better life when a simple act of kindness changed everything. A cab driver saw him sitting by the roadside at 4 a.m. and brought him […]

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It would be very hard to find a part of our community that has not been touched by Pat O’Driscoll’s commitment to volunteering. In particular, he is determined to help make sure that no one in Ottawa goes hungry. Pat has spent decades giving generously of his time to a number of local food banks […]

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William the Artist

William is a gentle, articulate man who is also an artist – but he has never been able to translate his passion into a career – until now! One year ago, William was unemployed and struggling with a number of serious health issues. While having a meal at The Ottawa Mission, he found out about […]

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Brenda Rothwell’s Legacy of Love and Hope

Brenda Rothwell is very special to The Ottawa Mission for a number of reasons. She is a generous long time donor, she served on our Board of Directors for four years, and she made the decision to become part of our “Legacy Circle” by leaving The Mission a gift in her will. And, when you […]

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