Hobin Architecture helps build communities in more than one way

A city is more than just a collection of buildings and neighbourhoods. It’s the people that make a city a community. Focusing on people and the community has been the guiding light for local architectural design firm Hobin Architecture since its founding in 1979. Architect Bryan Bonell, an Associate at Hobin who has been with […]

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The Mission’s Volunteer Family

There isn’t a single type of volunteer at The Ottawa Mission. All of them have a story of how they arrived here, and different reasons that keep them coming back. They have different ages, backgrounds and beliefs, but all of them come into the building with the same goal: they want to do some good […]

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Power of Attorney. What Is It?

When people seek help with their estate planning, they usually understand the need for an up-to-date will. Some, however, are less clear on the need to have a Power of Attorney. Having such documents is important and wise. Here’s why. A Power of Attorney is a legal, written document that allows you to appoint someone […]

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How You Can Help Shape Our Future

A charitable gift in your will is important. Each year, thousands of philanthropic Canadians leave a portion of their assets in their wills to support causes they care about. Such gifts help people fulfil their charitable dreams and wishes. They can also generate significant tax benefits for one’s estate. For The Ottawa Mission Foundation, charitable […]

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Without A Will…

There are many reasons why we put off making a will. The process can be daunting. There is uncertainty about where to begin. Some think their estate is too small to bother. However, if we really understood the consequences of not having a will, especially for those we care about, we would be taking action—immediately. […]

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