Paying it forward: How Gary Zed is helping those in need at The Ottawa Mission by supporting local businesses

When it comes to helping the most vulnerable members of our community and inspiring others to do likewise, Ottawa philanthropist Gary Zed is a natural leader. Wanting not only to help those citizens most in need, but also support local businesses hit hard by the pandemic, Gary has launched a major fundraising campaign to help […]

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Caivan contributes $150,000 for The Ottawa Mission through the “Building Tomorrow Together” initiative

Ottawa, ON – As a unique and challenging year for our community draws to a close, Ottawa’s Caivan Communities has some good news: through the Building Tomorrow Together initiative it has made a donation of $150,000 in support of The Ottawa Mission. “2020 has been one of the most difficult years for our shelter since […]

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Dr. Tom and his team extend “the hands of kindness.”

A confident smile can light up any encounter, especially when we meet people for the first time, but poor dental health can inhibit one’s self confidence, impair proper digestion, and even lead to complications such as heart disease and diabetes. Sadly, people who are homeless or living in poverty simply do not have access to […]

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I met an angel at IKEA

Recently, I met an angel named Tom, at IKEA of all places. I had purchased a box spring and was getting ready to place it in my car, when Tom stepped up and asked me if I needed help. I accepted, but unfortunately the box spring didn’t fit into my car. Tom graciously offered to […]

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Mission meals so ‘mmm’ delicious

Chip wagons have long been a tradition of urban culture in Ottawa. There’s a new, one-of-its-kind food truck on the streets of the capital these days, and it specializes in serving tasty, warm meals in neighbourhoods around town. The program has been dubbed Mobile Mission Meals (as in ‘mmm’ for delicious), and its impact is […]

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