Why I work for The Mission: NIVES

Nives has worked at The Mission for three years, the past two as Coordinator for the Hope and Day Programs. “The Hope Program is a residential treatment program focused on harm reduction, and the Day Program is a psychoeducational and support group offered to men impacted by addictions and trauma.” Nives spend most of her […]

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Why I partner with The Mission : YETTY

Yetty has worked as the Administrative Coordinator within The Mission’s Hospice for the past four years. She previously worked at the Health Clinic. Within the Hospice, she supports the nursing team while performing other duties like connecting with patients’ families, assists with burials and cremations, and helps patients with tasks such as money management. For […]

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Doing Nothing Could Cost Plenty

It used to be all about protecting his family – making sure a guardian had been named and that there would be enough money to raise the children in the event of a tragedy.  They had been taught that having a current Will was essential!  But now that the children were grown and his wife […]

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The Ottawa Mission Partners With GiveShop and Local Artist Erika Déruaz

The Ottawa Mission is pleased to announce its new partnership with GiveShop, an exciting Ottawa-based start-up whose mission it is to make it easy for Canadians to give to their favourite charities. The GiveShop online marketplace is the place to go to buy and sell, and support the life-changing programs of The Mission. We’re proud […]

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Giving Thanks For A New Country

Deng first came to Canada as a political refugee from Sudan in 2000, landing in Vancouver and making his way to Brooks, Alberta where he worked in a meat packing plant. His experience as a civil society leader inspired him to join the fight for better working conditions and wages at the plant. The story […]

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