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Job Title: Housekeeper

Reports to: Housekeeping Manager

Department: Housekeeping Services

Job Level: Operational Support


The Core Purpose of the Ottawa Mission is to reflect Jesus’ love in serving the homeless, the hungry, and the lost. Our Mission is to by provide food, shelter, clothing and skills, and offer healing, faith and hope for building a wholesome life.


Our Vision: All the hurt, hungry and lost in Ottawa find HOPE, HEALING, HOME


Reporting to the Manager of Housekeeping Services, the housekeeper is responsible for effectively maintaining the cleanliness of The Ottawa Mission’s facility. He/she must provide clean, sanitary, comfortable, orderly and satisfying surroundings for the residents, employees, and public. The housekeeper promotes sanitary conditions which prevent the spread of infection and odours. He/she may be required to perform tasks, which involve exposure to visible blood contamination or reasonably anticipated blood or stool contamination. The housekeeper must follow the required procedures for handling, cleaning, disposing, or moving of objects/materials and/or the clean-up of blood, infectious materials, or body fluids containing blood in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act’s Blood-borne Pathogen Standard.

– Follow cleaning schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.,) as outlined for housekeeping department.

– Clean assigned areas, furnishings, and fixtures according to established housekeeping procedures.

– Clean floors with dry mops, wet mops, sweeps, waxes, buffs, disinfects where and when necessary.

– Perform emergency housekeeping when accidents occur.

– Clean movable and stationary furnishings and fixtures: Dusts, spot cleans or washes, disinfects when necessary, polishes where required. This includes the cleaning of ledges, shelves, vents, etc.

– Empty and clean garbage and wastebaskets.

– Straighten or rearrange furniture as directed.

– Clean bathroom and disinfects all fixtures, floors, and walls.

– Wash windows and mirrors.

– Replenish bathroom supplies

– Clean walls, windows, doors, and ceilings: Spot clean between washings, washes, disinfect when necessary. Walls and ceilings and ceiling fixtures are cleaned as scheduled

– Clean entrances and exits: Clean as directed above for floors and walls

– Clean all horizontal surfaces daily or as required, removing dust, dirt, or greasy film, using disinfectants where necessary such as in resident care areas

– Remove for cleaning and re-hangs curtains, drapes, and dividers

– Remove all linens from beds, send to laundry, and replace linens before end of shift.

– Inspect beds and surrounding areas for pests. i.e. Bed bugs/lice

– Prepare infected areas for commercial pesticide treatment.

– May be required to spray approved pesticide for lice or other pests while using the appropriate PPE

– Responsible for removing and storing personal belongings of clients whom have left the facility.

– Complete commercial stripping and re-coating of terrazzo and vinyl flooring. Also scrubbing and re-waxing of floors.

– Operating commercial washers and dryers. Folding and preparing linens.

– Complete disinfection of any area when a client has perished using appropriate disinfectant and PPE.

– Answer and respond to radio calls for Housekeeping.

– Report observations concerning structural and equipment wear, defects and malfunctioning to Manager

– Report supply and equipment needs to Manager of Housekeeping for replenishing

– Maintain equipment used in performing duties

– Operate various mechanized cleaning equipment, such as vacuums, polishers, buffers, etc.

– Maintain facility in a sanitary and infection-free condition through washing, cleaning and replacement of equipment and furnishings

– Must clean up human waste and other body fluids, as required

– Responsible for disposal of trash, waste, and other disposable materials

– Must handle various cleaning solvents, chemicals, etc.; complying with all regulations such as OHSA, WHIMIS, PPE etc

– Report any needed repairs immediately to Manager (such as leaky faucets or toilets, loose tile, broken window panes, missing nuts or screws, beds needing repair, etc.)

– On call emergency response with the facility

– Maintain an atmosphere of courtesy and respect towards clients, staff and volunteers

– Other duties as assigned

Other Requirements


– High School Diploma preferred

– Experience with housekeeping in an industrial environment preferred


– 1+ Years in a similar environment


– Must be able to read, write, and speak English as to be understood effectively by another individual

– Ability to follow oral directions

– Ability to cooperate with other employees

– Willingness to perform routine, repetitive tasks on a continuous basis

– Perform tasks despite frequent interruptions

– Economical use of supplies, care and use of equipment

– Must be able to accomplish all responsibilities with little supervision

– Ability to maintain long periods of varied physical activity: walking, standing, sitting, climbing stairs, bending, lifting, etc.

– Ability to maintain an atmosphere of courtesy and respect towards clients, staff and volunteers

– Flexibility in work hours including ability to work up to three weeks of evenings (3pm – 11pm) per year

– Knowledge of personal Health and Safety regulations; WHMIS certification considered an asset

Working Conditions

– Strenuous physical activity involved (walking, standing, lifting)

– Must be able to lift 50 pounds; stretch arms above head; bend to clean under furniture

– On feet most of workday

– Pushes, pulls, lifts, cleaning equipment and supplies

– May stand on small stepladder to reach high places

– Subject to heavy dust, housekeeping and disinfecting solutions

– Exposures to infectious diseases are possible

– Work in damp, dusty and dirty areas

– Must be comfortable working in a challenging environment that has the potential for confrontation and/or exposure to violence