Doing Nothing Could Cost Plenty

It used to be all about protecting his family – making sure a guardian had been named and that there would be enough money to raise the children in the event of a tragedy.  They had been taught that having a current Will was essential!  But now that the children were grown and his wife […]

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Addressing Food Insecurity in Our Community

Ottawa Mission Launches Food Truck to Bring Healthy Food to Those in Need Throughout our Community Ottawa, ON – The Ottawa Mission is partnering with the Pelican Seafood Market and Grill, Urbandale Corporation, Orleans Fresh Fruit, Capital Meat, and local food service agencies such as the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard to address food insecurity in […]

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The Ottawa Mission Partners With GiveShop and Local Artist Erika Déruaz

The Ottawa Mission is pleased to announce its new partnership with GiveShop, an exciting Ottawa-based start-up whose mission it is to make it easy for Canadians to give to their favourite charities. The GiveShop online marketplace is the place to go to buy and sell, and support the life-changing programs of The Mission. We’re proud […]

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Giving Thanks For A New Country

Deng first came to Canada as a political refugee from Sudan in 2000, landing in Vancouver and making his way to Brooks, Alberta where he worked in a meat packing plant. His experience as a civil society leader inspired him to join the fight for better working conditions and wages at the plant. The story […]

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Building Homes For Everyone Since 1958

Urbandale is a long-time fixture on the Ottawa map. The company began as a modest venture in 1958 when Herbert Nadolny and Lyon Sachs, two lifelong friends, bought Urbandale Realty Corporation. They expanded in the 1960s, building condominiums and rental communities around town, including a dozen affordable low-rise family communities and high-rise seniors’ residences for […]

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