Why I turned to The Mission for help: MICHEL

Michel is a semi-retired senior who moved to Ottawa in 2019 from Quebec to be closer to his son. Prior to moving, he had no idea how difficult it would be to find affordable housing in the nation’s capital, where rents have soared by over 13% in the past two years (the highest increase in […]

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Why I partner with The Mission: CYNTHIA

Cynthia is a Nurse Practitioner who has worked at The Mission’s health clinic since 2011, with a one year pause to obtain her PhD in Nursing. In addition to the clinic, she also provides care to vulnerable community members at other shelters, within people’s homes, and, as part of the response to COVID-19, in the […]

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Why I work for The Mission: DYLAN

Dylan has had a lot of pain and hardship in his young life. But he has also accomplished more than he ever dreamed possible, and credits The Mission for supporting him when he needed it most. When he was very young, Dylan had fallen into alcohol and drugs, and spent time in jail. Although his […]

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Why I volunteer for The Mission: LAURIANNE

Laurianne has volunteered continuously at The Mission since 2006,except for two periods away. She works in the kitchen and the clothing room. During COVID-19, she worked five shifts a week. “It’s my pleasure and duty to serve clients; I feel inspired to help them. They need and deserve it.” Laurianne’s favourite task is to serve […]

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Help The Ottawa Mission Feed the Hungry this Thanksgiving by Donating Frozen Turkeys

Ottawa, ON – As we head into the fall, planning is well underway for The Ottawa Mission’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner, which will take place on Monday October 12th. Covid19 protocols to keep shelter guests, community members, employees and volunteers safe while continuing to deliver essential support continue at the shelter. Accordingly, the meal for shelter […]

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