One Volunteer’s Marathon Of Hope

Volunteers keep The Ottawa Mission up and running. If there was a prize ribbon for volunteering, it would certainly be pinned on David Barker, who recently tallied up a streak of 72 days in a row. When David is not training for volunteer marathons, he serves as a social worker for The John Howard Society. […]

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Dignity For One And All

It is a matter of human dignity that no person should have to face the end of life alone. The Ottawa Mission’s Diane Morrison Hospice was founded by our retired Executive Director in 2001 to ensure that individuals in its care will be honoured in their final days. It is a unique facility and the […]

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A Pebble, A Pond, and Your Will

Have you ever dropped a pebble into a pond? When the stone hits the water, you will see ripple after ripple spreading out from the point of impact. Your will could be like that. Properly prepared, your will can create a ripple effect of goodness and generosity to the people and organizations you care about. […]

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Estate Donation Tax Credits – How Do They Work?

Your gift can be life-changing for Mission guests like Kerry Most people, regardless the amount of planning they do, will have some assets to disburse through their estate. However, when you include a gift to The Ottawa Mission Foundation in your will, your estate receives a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of your […]

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Want to leave more for your heirs? Here are some simple tips

As you grow older, your estate can become more complex. You own more property. You have more assets. Because of this, when you pass away your estate could incur higher probate costs. Probate fees are the financial charges levied by government to confirm the appointment of your estate executor or trustee and to prove your […]

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