Homelessness is the number one issue of concern as housing access worsens in Ottawa

With bitter temperatures and a colder than normal winter forecast, The Ottawa Mission is urging governments at all levels to work together to address the worsening situation concerning homelessness in Ottawa and nationally. This comes as a new public opinion poll by Nanos Research indicates significant concern about the impact of homelessness both in Ottawa […]

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Why I work for The Mission: KRISTYN

For someone so young, Kristyn is a mission “old soul”. “I grew up at the Mission.” Joining the kitchen after high school, she has worked her way up from dishwasher to sous-chef. In 2019, she was once again promoted to Manager of Food services. “I wanted to work in a shelter to help vulnerable people, […]

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Why I volunteer for The Mission: LLOYD

Lloyd has been volunteering at The Mission for almost nine years. He recently celebrated his 80th birthday, and his surprise birthday party included family and friends, and members of his extended family at the Mission. Lloyd comes to the Mission every Monday and Thursday morning all year round to help prepare meals in the kitchen, […]

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Why I turned to The Mission for help: WILLIAM

William is a gentle, articulate man who is also an artist – but was never able to translate his passion into a career – until he enrolled in the FSTP. In 2017, William was unemployed and struggling with serious health issues. While having a meal at the Mission, he heard about the program, and talked […]

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Why I turned to The Mission for help: KERRY

2018 was the first time in years that Kerry had a place to call home at Christmas. Kerry had spent much of his time homeless — couch-surfing, sleeping in vehicles, or motels. He was able to work most of the time — everything from commercial house painting to oil rigs to retail. Two years ago, […]

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