Ottawa Mission Food Services Training Program Grads celebrates their new lives

Ottawa, ON – Today 10 students of The Ottawa Mission’s celebrated Food Services Training Program (FSTP) celebrated their graduation from this initiative, joining the ranks of 200 people who have graduated since the FSTP began in 2004. The impact of the FSTP on the program’s graduates can be profound. In the words of Mercy Abe, […]

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The Mission’s Volunteer Family

There isn’t a single type of volunteer at The Ottawa Mission. All of them have a story of how they arrived here, and different reasons that keep them coming back. They have different ages, backgrounds and beliefs, but all of them come into the building with the same goal: they want to do some good […]

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Helping Those in Need this Easter: The Ottawa Mission Serves 4,653 Meals in our Community

Ottawa, ON – During the Ottawa Mission’s special Easter meal service, which was held on April 5 for shelter guests in our dining room and community members through our garage entrance, as well as the week prior through our Mobile Mission Meals food truck program, the shelter served 4,653 meals to those in need. Shelter guests […]

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Helping Those in Need During COVID19: The Ottawa Mission Will Feed Even More People Who Are Hungry This Easter

Ottawa, ON – As Easter approaches, we want to assure our community that, in these continuing difficult times, The Ottawa Mission will be serving an in-house Easter meal to our residents, and also a special take-out Easter meal for community members. The current pandemic has made food insecurity in Ottawa much worse, and the shelter […]

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Power of Attorney. What Is It?

When people seek help with their estate planning, they usually understand the need for an up-to-date will. Some, however, are less clear on the need to have a Power of Attorney. Having such documents is important and wise. Here’s why. A Power of Attorney is a legal, written document that allows you to appoint someone […]

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