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For anyone who spends a significant amount of time outside – like people experiencing homelessness – you know the extreme heat of summer is equally as challenging to our health as the bitter cold of winter.

At The Ottawa Mission, our Front Line teams routinely go outside on these hot days and walk around the shelter, handing out cold bottles of water to those in need.  We also have an indoor water fountain accessible to anyone who wants to refill their own water bottle.

In addition to that, The Mission is offering some fun indoor summer activities in its dining room to encourage people to stay inside on hot days, where there is air conditioning.  Thanks to our great volunteer support, several shelter residents took part in karaoke and ice cream treats this week! Next week, there will be a showing of retro TV shows and Freezies for people to enjoy! For many, this is a welcome and comforting diversion during the long hot days of summer.

Your support during the warm months of the year means so much to people who have so little. If you’d like to donate some bottled water to help others during the summer months, you can either drop it off at 35 Waller Street or give us a call at 613-234-1144 to arrange for pick-up.
Thank you in advance!

Lend a Helping Hand of Your Own, Visit Our Volunteer Ottawa Page