A Son’s Inspiration… A Life Changed

At 55, Chris is beginning a whole new life – one he could never have imagined even a year ago. Chris’s adulthood was marked by addiction and trouble with the law.  Although he was college educated and had a good job, a number of influences – including a falling-out with his father, the sudden death […]

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The Ottawa Mission’s Speakers Series – You’re Invited

This spring, The Ottawa Mission has been bringing together people interested in the issue of homelessness to learn more about the life-changing services at our shelter, and around the community. The 2017 Speakers Series has touched on the evolution of services for people experiencing homelessness; medical services in shelters; and addiction services at The Mission. […]

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Lent at The Mission

Every weekday at 10:55 a.m. a general announcement is made over the intercom at The Ottawa Mission by our Chaplain, Greg Rodgers:  “Chapel service begins in five minutes.  Everyone is welcome.” People staying at the shelter, and people who live in the community join together for this daily half hour of prayer, bible readings and […]

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Mark Graduates to a New Life

Mark recently celebrated four years of sobriety.  This alone is a major achievement for the 55 year old who struggled with addiction for many years.   But beyond this, in the past year Mark has turned his life around in a remarkable way. Mark is from Windsor, Ontario where he grew up in foster care.  Life […]

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William’s Transformation

William is reaching an important milestone just before Christmas this year.  On December 21 he will be 50.  While this is special on its own, there is so much more that he will be celebrating this year.   Because William’s life has truly been transformed – in more ways than one. It began on June 16 […]

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