Means a New Life for Alex

alex Just over three years ago, it seemed that Alex had it all. He had a successful 20 year career as a financial planner and trader, a home, a wife, and a young son.

But Alex was also fighting a growing drug addiction fuelled by the demands of his job.   Over time, he lost his home, his marriage, and the trust of family and friends.

Last year, after several months in treatment, he decided that in order to rebuild his life he had to find a new way to make a living. Alex had always enjoyed cooking, and although it seemed like a far cry from his previous career, a close friend pointed out that “you smile when you cook”.

So when Alex learned about the Food Services Training Program at The Ottawa Mission, he jumped at the chance to apply. When he graduated from the program five months later, Alex knew that he had made the right move.   He is now working full time in a restaurant and he’s happy, sober, and has great hope for the future.  And, most importantly to Alex, he is making steady progress in reconnecting with his 9 year old son, and rebuilding trust with his parents, sister and friends.

Alex is so thankful to The Ottawa Mission and its supporters for helping him when he needed it most.  As he says, “I have learned that if you fall on tough times and want to work to make positive changes, The Mission is there for you.  This program has given me the gift of hope and a new lease on life, and I will be forever grateful.”